[This article belongs to Volume - 39, Issue - 02]

Research and Application of Deck Pavement Materials in Long-span Steel-concrete Composite Bridges

Suitable evaluation of distress is beneficial to understanding the in situ performance of deck pavement. This study attempts to evaluate the long-term in situ performance of American ChemCo epoxy asphalt concrete on the Xihoumen Bridge (XHMB) after 12 years of service. The traditional performance indexes were adopted to reveal the performance of XHMB. Then, based on the typical distresses, a new pavement performance index (PPI) was proposed to characterize the authentic distress condition. Finally, the performance evaluation and evolution were conducted. According to the results, the rutting depth indexes and riding quality indexes of all lanes are higher than 97 and 94, respectively. The pavement condition indexes of the pass lanes and drive lanes in 2021 are greater than 94 and 86, respectively, which is contradictory to the distribution of numerous distresses on the pavement. According to the PPI results, the PPIs of the down direction pass lane are mostly 100. However, for the down direction drive lane, the PPIs of about 30% of segments are below 80 or 60. Finally, based on the limited data, the distress of American ChemCo epoxy asphalt concrete may initiate after serving for 4–5 years and then escalate after about 10 years.