[This article belongs to Volume - 36, Issue - 03]

Effect of blunt radius on milling performance of carbide cutter

A high temperature is produced in the process of precision milling of titanium alloy, and the cutting temperature can be effectively reduced by placing a micro-texture on the tool surface. In order to study the milling temperature of micro-textured ball-end milling cutter in milling titanium alloy under the combined action of a blunt radius with different edges and a micro-texture with different parameters, a new method based on micro-element theory and the generation and transmission of cutting heat has been established. At the same time, the influence of different radii of blunt edges on the milling temperature is simulated by the finite element method and experimentally verified to explore the influence of different radii of a blunt edge and micro-texture parameters on the milling temperature. Taking the milling temperature as the evaluation index, the optimum parameters of micro-circular pit texture are as follows: the diameter of micro-circular pit is 40 micron, pit spacing is 225 micron, distance from cutting edge is 100 microns, and radius of the blunt edge is 60 microns.