[This article belongs to Volume - 40, Issue - 02]

Effect Of Black Garlic Powder Maceration on Cholesterol Reduce in High Colesterol Potential Foods

An unhealthy lifestyle such as rarely exercising, often consuming foods with high cholesterol and saturated fat is a common cause of high cholesterol levels in the body. Some foods such as fatty meats should only be consumed occasionally, chicken eggs are categorized as dangerous foods while beef brain and quail eggs should be avoided. Lowering cholesterol can be done with natural or herbal ingredients, one of which is black garlic. Garlic powder has been studied to provide significant results on total lipid and cholesterol concentrations. In this research, a new method will be developed by maceration of high cholesterol food ingredients using black garlic powder. This study aims to determine the effect of black garlic powder concentration and maceration time on cholesterol levels from beef brain, fatty beef, and eggs. The results showed that the addition of black garlic at various concentrations of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10% in beef, beef brain, chicken egg yolk and quail eggs showed that the higher the black onion added the lower the cholesterol level and showed the effect which was significant with P <0.05. The reduction in cholesterol levels ranged from 19.5 to 33.4%. The influence of maceration time variations for 1-3 hours did significantly affect cholesterol levels. Maceration time of 1 hour shows the optimum maceration time to reduce cholesterol levels.