[This article belongs to Volume - 39, Issue - 03]

Finite Element Analysis of Axial Compression Behavior of GFRP Tube-Reinforced Hollow High-strength Concrete Short Column

In order to study the axial compression property of a GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced polymer) tube-confined coal gangue steel fiber short concrete column, a test was carried out. The whole process of deformation and failure of the specimen under axial compression load was observed, and the whole process of the stress–strain curve of the specimen was obtained. The results show that the thickness of the GFRP tube has the most significant effect on the mechanical properties. The thickness of the 7 mm tube is 4.3 times the axial ultimate stress and 21.5 times the ultimate strain of the unconstrained short column. Under a certain volume fraction, the ultimate axial strain of the wave fiber is 10.1% higher than that of the hook fiber short column, and the ductility coefficient is 9.6% higher. The fiber volume fraction significantly increases the strain of the short column, and the 3% fiber content is 50.1% higher than that of the non-fiber short column. Finally, three classical strength models of confined concrete were selected for comparative calculation, and a new stress correction model was proposed.